Looking for intended parents who would like to assist with a documentary about egg donation

By on May 15, 2014

I have personally talked to these people and I think what they’re doing is interesting.

If you know of any intended parents who might be interested in participating please pass this on.

“Are you a woman/couple thinking about receiving donor eggs? Is it vital that your donor be highly intelligent or even a genius? Or are you expecting a baby within the next 6-8 weeks that was conceived with eggs from a highly intelligent or genius donor? Are you comfortable sharing your journey on camera? If so, we would like to hear your story! “

We are Part2 Pictures, a production company based in New York that creates high-quality documentary programming for PBS, OWN: The Oprah Winfrey Network, National Geographic, the Discovery Channel and other major broadcasters. We are currently producing a new documentary television series with journalist Lisa Ling that will air this fall on CNN. The series will explore unique American experiences through personal profiles and intimate storytelling, and will be very much like the series that we have been producing for the past four years called “Our America with Lisa Ling,” which will have its final season on OWN this spring.

This episode will look at the incredible increase in reproductive and genetic choice available to women and couples today. Now more than ever, women and couples can select a donor whose genes they would like to share based on many traits, including intelligence. We want to hear from people who are prioritizing brilliance to learn more about their journey and see where the desire for superior intellect in their donor fits within the larger context of this life-changing and complex process. The world we live in has become increasingly competitive and we are interested in hearing how prospective parents with choice try to ensure the best possible future for their child.

We understand that women and couples making these genetic decisions often face judgment, and many misconceptions surround this process. To have people explain how the intellectual piece of the equation fits into the larger decision of whose genetic material to share for the rest of their lives could bring new depth to a story that might have been overlooked in the past. If you are open to sharing your story and appearing on camera, we would love to speak with you.

Lisa Ling is a journalist who is recognized for her nonjudgmental approach and integrity. Her collaborations with Part2 Pictures have been characterized by compassion, curiosity, and beautiful craftsmanship. Together, our goal is to help share new perspectives and introduce our audience to facets of life and points of view they may never have considered before. To learn more about us and our work please visit our website at www.part2pictures.com.

If you are open to considering participation or just want to learn more, we would love to hear from you. Please contact Nate Cohen at nate@part2pictures.com or 718-797-0581.

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