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A CHILD AFTER 40 Launches Expert Forum

By on June 9, 2011
PVED’s own Marna Gatlin, is going to be A Child After 40’s very first guest expert launching this really cool program.  So go check them out here:  MOTHERHOOD AFTER 40 COMMUNITY!
A CHILD AFTER 40 — the new online community from Flower Power Mom — The Truth About Motherhood After 40 ( — is now launching the first forum dedicated to experts and authors on midlife motherhood.
From 14th June 2011, A Child After 40 (ACA40) will feature regular guest experts and authors on subjects from midlife fertility, pregnancy, birth, and adoption, to parenting, menopause and aging to appear in an online Guest Experts and Authors Forum.
Members of the free, private community for the empowerment of women on the journey of motherhood after 40 will be able to regularly participate in an online “post-in” to ask questions and receive expert feedback from a broad and varied range of guests.
According to Angel La Liberte, Founder, the Forum aims to provide a unique opportunity for members to benefit from a live “Q & A” session, much like a university lecture hall or guest speaker format.
“We’re pioneering the first online forum to offer an education and entertainment resource to the fast-growing demographic of women having children over 40,” she says.
La Liberte adds that, while the forum is not intended for medical diagnosis or any other form of healthcare or business consultancy, its purpose is to broaden the horizons of the membership of over-40 women and mothers, and enhance a sense of community.
The Guest Expert and Author Forum will be supported by a regular news digest from ACA40, which will be distributed to members, media and professional organizations.
This new initiative comes only weeks after the official launch of the ACA40 online community by on May 8th, 2011, which was featured live on CNN, on radio and widely in newspapers, including the Washington Times and San Jose Mercury News.




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