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Our already private forums have recently taken a new step to move to a paid subscription base. With a community of 3,200, this was necessary to fund our continued growth and development.

Maybe you’re on the fence about ponying up and spending the $20 to pay for a year of membership. As a PVED mom myself, I’m going to tell you why you should:

· Support the community that’s supported you during your journey. Do it as an homage to that baby or those babies you get to parent. Pay it forward so we can help those future men and women who will struggle with this decision like you did.

· Help fund awareness and acceptance around egg and embryo donation. Tired of being in a secret minority? Longing for YOUR child to be met with acceptance and tolerance? That comes through outreach, education, and awareness building, and that takes funding.

· Make sure that community is around when YOU need it. Getting the baby was the easy part; what about the next 20 years?? How do you broach the disclosure discussion? What do you share with your child’s pediatrician, or teacher? How do you deal with your own feelings and fears around the process of parenting a child who doesn’t share your genetics? Stay connected with people who have experience and guidance around this topic, or who at least can hold your hand and truly understand what you’re going through.

We can all (with very few exceptions) afford to pay the $20. The fact is that there is no resource in the world like this one, no place where you can go and connect with 3,200 people just like you, who don’t think your situation is strange at all. You’re perfectly normal, even average here, and just about anyone you talk with can relate to you and your fears and feelings. Isn’t that alone worth $20? $20 is likely less than you paid for a single co-pay for one of those expensive RE appointments we all had.

I hope you’ll choose to not go it alone. Please join us and continue to help grow and evolve the community of parents via egg donation.

Very best regards,

Diana, Marna, Sue, Carole, Dana, Sharon


The PVED Moderator team




Portland, OR

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