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Many many years ago when I was first embarking upon having a child through egg donation I was just plain overwhelmed and scared.  I didn’t know where to begin and I found myself just flailing in my search.  There was one book out there that frankly was so dry and scary that I found myself more frustrated than ever.
Over the years since PVED’s inception we’ve helped many many intended parents and parents alike through their journey to become Mom’s and Dad’s.  However, we knew hands down there wasn’t a book published that could offer an intended parent a good firm start on something so extraordinary and often complicated.
Until now.
It’s about time that we now have a book on the market that explains all about egg donation in a way that doesn’t seem scary, freak us out, or cause our brains to explode from way too much information!
I can finally refer all of my intended parents to the Insider’s Guide to Egg Donation by Wendie Wilson-Miller and Erika Napolentano.  This book is clear.  It’s concise.  It’s unbiased. 
There are hints, suggestions, checklists, and they even highlight segments that allow you the reader to go back over those parts that are most important to you for each section.
What I love the most about any book are the real life stories, letters, and comments that are shared throughout any book and this book has them all!
Aside from this being a warm book, it’s accurate, up to date, and not overly complicated.  It’s simple, to the point, and really if this is the only book you find to read on egg donation this is the book for you as I guarantee you will walk away from this book and understand the egg donation process from A to Z.
The nerdy part of me has to mention that the appendix and the glossary are amazing features.  I have mine on my Ipad and refer to it regularly in my daily job talking to thousands of intended parents yearly who are just embarking on egg donation.
This book is a fantastic guide and I think will help support many many intended parents and parents for many years!

Great work ladies – you have so much to be proud of.  What an fabulous contribution to the world of third party reproduction! 

We at Parents Via Egg Donation are extremely happy and proud of the work you have accomplished.




Portland, OR

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