Questions to ask each agency that may make your search for a donor more effective

By on April 6, 2008

1. How long has the agency been in business? Are you an LLC?

2. How many donors has the agency matched with recipients in the last year?

3. How many donors are available at any one time?

4. How many pregnancies and live births have resulted in these cycles?

5. What is the agency’s fee for their services?

6. What do you have to pay up front and what do you pay once you have selected a donor?

7. Is the fee refundable if you change your mind about a donor or decide not to proceed with any donors in that agency?

8. What exactly do the fees cover?

9. What is the compensation given to the donor herself?

10. Can she set her own level of compensation?

11. Does the donor undergo psychological screening before being placed on the prospective donor list?

12. Who performs the screening (the agency or another third party)?

13. Does the agency facilitate a meeting between you and the donor if you desire to meet her?

14. Does the agency provide anonymous donors, identified donors, or both?

15. How long are records kept on anonymous donors?

16. Where are these records maintained?

17. Does the agency adhere to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine Guidelines for Oocyte Donation?

18. What is included in the legal contract that the donor signs?

19. What is included in the legal contract that the recipient couple signs?

20. What kind of medical insurance coverage for the donor does the agency provide, and what are the terms?

21. Does the agency provide a service agreement between the agency and recipient/intended parents?

22. How is the recipient parent protected in the event the egg donor doesn’t take her medication as agreed?

23. How is the recipient parent protected in the event the egg donor bails half way through a cycle?

24. Does the agency provide a fair refund policy?




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