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Once again the media gets it wrong. Marianne Garvey one of the many writers out in the world who I think are writing about things they have no knowledge about decided to write an article, and make a judgment about Janet Jackson’s pregnancy, while attempting to poorly explain why and how more women are having babies later in life. Here’s how more women are having babies in their mid-40s

    What’s bothers him about this article is that it has so much potential. This really could’ve been a teachable moment, as Oprah says a “learning opportunity”. But no, it turned out to be the same old song and dance.

    So Ms Garvey, I’d like to take a moment and educate you about Egg Donation, and embryo donation, and perhaps this will be your teachable moment.

    First of all, it’s not your business, my business,or the worlds business how Ms.Jackson conceived or decided how to create her family. It’s just not. Just because she’s an entertainer doesn’t mean we have a window into her reproductive life, or her personal life for that matter. Leave it alone. Seriously – it just makes you look like a hack. Secondly, it’s important that you use the correct definitions and terminology.

    In the article you wrote you state:

    “You can definitely adopt an egg. If you can’t get pregnant on your own and you really want to connect and bond with a pregnancy, you can adopt a fertilized egg implant and have a baby. Get all your legal information straight.”

    I’m sorry, but that’s incorrect. You cannot adopt an egg or an embryo for that matter. We might be able to adopt ideas, highways, puppies and kittens, or real live babies, but eggs are embryos not so much.

    Think about it logically – if you were to go ahead and adopt an egg or an embryo and then have that embryo or egg transferred back into your uterus and the pregnancy test was negative what would you be left with? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. And when intended parents receive donated embryos or donated eggs and they carry that pregnancy to term there is no legal ceremony, or process that occurs. That intended mother is this baby’s mother – period.

    And because I’m being picky – you don’t implant embryos or eggs. It’s called the transfer – we transfer either eggs into a uterus where they can be fertilized via intrauterine insemination, or more commonly we transfer back embryos that are already fertilized – and we transfer or place back those embryos into awaiting uterus and hope they then implant.

    The one piece you did it right was yes get all your legal information straight. Anytime and intended parent receives embryos are eggs there needs to be a legal contract that is created between both parties clarifying the transfer of property, and the particulars that go hand-in-hand with that specific donation cycle.

    I think it’s important as a writer and journalist that you report responsibly – and this article you missed the mark. Better luck next time.


    Marna Gatlin
    Founder and CEO
    Parents via Egg Donation




Portland, OR

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