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We are looking for comments about your egg donor selection. It’s going in the book we have been promising to write for a very long time.

Tell us about your donor selection?

How did you go about selecting your donor?

What qualities were you looking for?

Did you select an nonidentified (anonymous) egg donor or identified (known) egg donor?

This is for the book – please list the name or alias you would like to use.

You can list your comments here or write to marna at pved dot org


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    December 13, 2016

    After 2 failed IVF cycles we were recommended to look into egg donor options. Having been told it could take up to 18 months to find a suitable donor in the UK, we were advised to look abroad where the process would be quicker. After lots of research and conversations with various clinics, we chose Ukrainian BioTexCom. We were impressed with the information available on their website, the latest technologies on offer and the communication from our manager who was excellent throughout. Her response was professional, helpful and prompt.
    Our doctor made a plan to suit our needs involving a simultaneous donor egg and own egg cycle and we were contacted well in advance so had plenty of time to organize travel. The clinic took care of all our medication before, during and after our treatment which was a worry off our mind.

    We travelled to Kiev in August 2013 and found the city to be a great place to stay and explore. Having never been to Ukraine before, we were not disappointed with all it had to offer.

    On arrival at the BioTexCom we were impressed with the facilities and the warm welcome from all the staff, who spoke excellent English. Our experience could not have been made any easier from start to finish. Although this is a stressful and emotional time, the reassurance and care we were given allowed us to be more relaxed.

    The nurses, embryologist and doctors explained all the procedures, gave us time to ask any questions and made sure we were completely happy before treatment commenced. We would not hesitate to recommend this clinic to all that require fertility treatment in the future.



Portland, OR

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