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What do you wish you had known?

Infertility itself is a huge challenge. Conceiving for many is extraordinarily difficult. And having to embark upon that journey without a guidebook, or tools, or even someone to advocate for you is often brutal.

Many individuals spend thousands and thousands of dollars, as well their precious time taxing themselves physically, emotionally, and sometimes spiritually in the hopes of becoming a parent.

“When my husband and I were going through this so many years ago I only wish I had something like FertilityIQ to help me begin my trek through this jungle we refer to as infertility to help me get my bearings and make an educated decision on where I might seek treatment.” – Marna Gatlin, Founder,PVED

Their motto : “We’re smarter together”

PVED is very excited to partner with this organization because we are all about paying it forward, educating the masses, and being our own best advocate.

We are incredibly excited that FertilityIQ is building the first truly comprehensive and trustworthy database of fertility doctor reviews. Each year, thousands and thousands of patients make the most important decision of their lives under enormous stress and with incomplete information. When you review your doctor, you’ll be sharing valuable insight that will help other patients find better care more quickly – how’s that for being your own best advocate and helping others in the process?

And to give this project a proper launch FertilityIQ Founders, Deborah and Jake Anderson-Bialis, are reaching out to our own community to share with you their vision of creating a solution to help ease and often extraordinarily overwhelming process.

They need our help – let’s reach back out and help because that’s what community is all about.

Dear PVED Members,

Finding the right fertility doctor was total, and utter, hell for us. We had no idea what the local clinics were really like and so we wasted our precious time, money and emotion with the wrong doctors. We’re Deborah and Jake Anderson-Bialis, we want to humanize and demystify this agonizing process, and we need your help to get there.

We’re building a site called FertilityIQ.comimage, where patients can read reviews of every single fertility doctor, nurse, clinic and billing department in the country. This is a service by, and for, fertility patients, and the more reviews we gather, the more we can help other hopeful parents during this nightmarish time in their lives.

As a PVED member, you have invaluable, hard-fought wisdom and your honest review of your clinic will help couples in your area to take control of this intimidating process. We urge you to take a few moments and contribute your anonymous review at today.

It goes without saying that we will never share your name or contact information.

Additionally, we forbid doctors and clinics from advertising on our site. To ensure the content is trustworthy, we ask each patient-contributor to eventually provide some verification (e.g. a picture of a bill, or forwarded email from the clinic) that they were a real patient of the clinic they are assessing.

Thank you for taking a moment to read this. The time we spend now will be a godsend to others in the future. Hopefully we can count on your help.

All our best,

Deborah and Jake

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    March 1, 2016

    Pumping patients for information isn’t helping them. Isn’t it more like they help you by giving you information about their treatments, their clinic, etc?

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      March 1, 2016

      Hello – You have an opportunity to give information about your specific treatment at this site – and your honest thoughts and opinions about the clinic you received treatment from, as well about reading experiences of others.



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