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In the world of third party reproduction there are many different ways to create your family — the agency Donor Nexus which is also an egg bank is now offering something a little different fresh egg donation cycle that are deemed “shared donor cycles” –read on to learn about another choice is the ever changing world of third party reproduction.

All your life you dreamed of having a family. You fantasized about peering into the eyes of your newborn, being in awe of your little miracle and feeling a certain kind of love you have never experienced before. Fast forward to where you are now, still hoping and wondering if this dream will soon be your reality. And not to mention, the financial and emotional investment you’ve made to achieve your bundle of joy. You’re heart-broken, frustrated and losing hope…

This is where Donor Nexus™ steps in. Donor Nexus offers hope to those who choose to conceive via egg donation. This is a unique program that offers shared donor cycles, which allows multiple recipients to cycle with one donor. This allows the cost of IVF with donor eggs to be reduced by half while still providing the prospective parents with a success rate of 80%.

In a standard egg donation cycle, one person selects a donor and takes on all the cost of the donor’s screening, medications, legal fees, travel and other related medical expenses. They also assume all the financial risk for screen failures and dropped cycles. Another heartache to add to your journey of seeking your happily ever after.

With Donor Nexus’ Shared Hope Cycle™, patients receive 5 fresh, top quality, mature eggs. For a one-time global fee, Donor Nexus covers all medical care related to the donor and all cycle-related care for the intended parent that is completed at a partnering fertility clinic. This includes donor screening (genetic screening, psychological evaluation, medical screening and legal clearance), all donor medication, all cycle coordination, cycle monitoring for donor and recipient, egg retrieval, fertilization by ICSI, embryo culture and embryo transfer. The recipient is guaranteed a fresh transfer of at least two high quality embryos.

Not only does Donor Nexus offer shared fresh donor cycles, they also offer frozen donor egg cycles, embryo donation cycle and standard egg donor cycle. Donor Nexus helps individuals and couples fulfill their dreams of becoming parents with less risk and less financial and emotional stresses so that parents can focus on actualizing their dreams and making their journey more enjoyable and successful!

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    Stephanie Lyons

    April 28, 2017

    My husband and I are in search of a clinic to do a donor egg cycle with as soon as possible if we can find the right match. We are especially interested in a shared cycle to save cost.
    Thank you,
    Stephanie and Mike

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      June 1, 2017

      Hi 🙂 email she might be able to,guide you in the right direction.



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