8 Embryos Blastocysts Looking For a Family.

By on January 11, 2013

Our family is complete and we would like to donate our remaining embryos to a waiting family.

Four of the eight blastocysts are frozen individually, and four of the eight have been frozen in pairs, so there are four singletons and two sets of two.

All eight embryos are blastocysts: six are Day 5 blastocysts and two are Day 6 blastocysts. The update from the embryologist at our clinic identified that they are all considered to be good embryos — the lab has strict standards regarding freezing and uses vitrification.

The embryos that are frozen individually are three 4BB and one 3BB.
There is a pair of 3BB.
There is a pair of 4BB x 2, and that last pair are Day 6 blasts.

The number corresponds to the stage of the blastocyst: 3 = a full blast and 4 = an expanded blast. The first letter is the grade the lab assigns to the Inner Cellular Mass (A = abundant compacted cell, C = minimal cell number, and B = number of cells between grades “A” and “C”). Similarly, the last component is a letter grade that the lab assigns for the Trophectoderm or outer layer of cells of the blastocyst.

The donor had four cycles prior to ours. Each recipient family had twins, two sets from fresh transfers and two sets from frozen transfers. Our fresh cycle did not result in a pregnancy but our FET gave us a son, now over 1 year old. We chose to have a SET (single embryo transfer) which resulted in our son.

We have a daughter from our own eggs. Her father is the sperm donor. He is three quarters Italian and one quarter Ukrainian. He has dark, curly hair and is about 5’9″. He graduated from a Big Ten school and Columbia. He is a caregiver, an excellent father and loving man. He loves to play sports and run.

The donor was 27 at the time of retrieval. She is Austrian, French, English and German. She had an ACT of 27 and took AP courses in Math and Science in high school. She has brown hair and a slender, athletic build at 5’3″. She is beautiful. The clinic we worked with said she was more beautiful on the inside. She sounds like a wonderful young woman.

We hope to connect with a married or committed couple. We welcome same sex couples. Our preference is to find a family outside of the Midwest. We want a family who hopes to have more than one child. Families with extended support systems are especially welcome. We rely very heavily on friends and family to help us raise our children. We are a very liberal Catholic family. We are interested to learn about your faith or your religious practices. You are not required to be a Christian family, but we are favoring families who have an active relationship with God.

We want an open relationship where the children are so, so, so very welcome to reach out and meet us at the age of 18, should they choose. We do not require photos or updates over the years but welcome whatever communication the recipient family chooses to share with us

We have photos of our son, his biological father and the donor profile to share when the time is right. We can also include a photo of our daughter, age three and a half.

Please contact Marna Gatlin for further information:


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    March 17, 2013

    Thank you for doing this.



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