By on June 30, 2009

The frenzy over the death of Michael Jackson is mind blowing – the question about his children’s genetics, incredibly distasteful.

Nancy Grace, Larry King, TMZ, US Weekly, People Magazine – they are all saying things like:

“Who’s the real father?” “Who’s the real mother?” “Who’s he biological father?” “Who’s the biological father?”

And I say “Who cares? And it I any of your business?”

Michael Jackson was the legal, social and only father those children had. He loves his children and the only concern he should have ever had was selecting the right guardian for his children in the event of his death – which he did. He chose his mother Katherine Jackson to be his children’s guardian.Just like every other family –
Michael Jackson was the only one entitled to select that guardian.

Aside from the fact that Michael Jackson the King of Pop died – there are three children who have been orphaned in this tragic situation. And if in fact these three children are the product of donor sperm or donor egg for that matter — and their father hadn’t for whatever reason had and important conversation with his children about their story and their origins then they are certainly finding out in one of the most damaging ways ever.

There are lines you don’t cross and those lines are to do with children. These kids didn’t sign up for this – and I want to ask the Nancy Graces of the world if she would want her children talked about like this, in this fashion. After all, there’s question about Nancy Grace and her children because Nancy was almost fifty when she conceived her twins – You can bet your bottom dollar that Nancy would be the first to shut down every single question or conversation that came her way in regards to the genetics of her children.

Where is Debbie Rowe in all of this? Who knows, but I would like to think something like this would be private and not become a spectacle for everyone to leer at.
In the meantime, the media needs to learn the basic definition of what the term Mother and Father mean, and they need to butt out of Michael Jackson’s reproductive life. Pick apart his personal life, his alleged drug use, his big spending, his eccentricities, but really do the right thing and leave his children alone.

They just lost their father for God’s sakes.

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    BIO: Being Inward Outward

    July 20, 2009

    I totally agree with you on this one.



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