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This is YOUR area – This is MY area

(Why it’s important to stay in your scope of practice)

When an infertile couple embark upon creating their family they assemble a team. That team consists of:

The clinic – Physician and nursing staff
An Egg Donor
In some instances an egg donation agency
A Mental Health Therapist
A Reproductive Attorney
A wife, husband, or partner (if the intended parent isn’t single)
Family members and/or friends
In some instances clergy

It’s very important to remember what your specific role is regarding your patient or client. For instance if you sought counsel from your lawyer you wouldn’t want him or her to be giving you medical advice. If you were seeing a mental health therapist you wouldn’t want him or her giving you legal advice, and last but not least your lawyer isn’t your doctor or your therapist.

Many intended parents receive conflicting well-meaning advice from their service providers – and the old saying is true “Too many cooks spoil the broth”